Necklaces and Pendants

The development of striking necklaces is a thorough exercise of creativity and connection by Ara Vartanian. His particular look at the stones captures the essence of each one, then transforming them into jewels that are truly architectural works of art. Comfort and anatomy are essential in this process. “I choose each gem personally, so the necklaces get unique shapes and sizes”, explains the designer. The extended length of the articulated necklaces, which descend below the neck, is already Ara’s signature and helps to enhance the female body.

The same intention reappears in structured necklaces, anatomical jewels with perfect curvature and open bezel that attract the eye at special events. They are a powerful variant of necklaces adjusted to the neck, with comfort and precise symmetry. Paraiba tourmalines, tanzanites, emeralds or diamonds, choose your favorite stone and let Ara Vartanian’s talent make your dream come true.

As imposing as it is, but with a more minimalist and delicate vocation, the Riviera tanzanite necklace features pentagonal cut stones and the edge of diamonds.

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