Ara Vartanian nurtures a love affair with the female ears. The line of earrings and piercings is extensive and diverse, with pieces designed to value women in the most different situations. Chandelier Earrings, for example, are ideal for wearing with more elaborate dresses. With a suspended structure, they are inspired by chandeliers and move with grace. They can carry stones like Diamonds, Tourmalines and Emeralds, among others. Another impressive creation is the The Mobile Earrings, with a concept of balance and geometry similar to the Chandelier Earrings, and a variation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures.

Ara’s trademark, Asymmetrical earrings exploits the power of colored stones in new, more casual versions, while the Hook Earrings, with its perfect fit and anatomical shape, remains one of the designer’s most authoritative creations. Developed in various gems, such as black Diamonds, browns or whites, Emeralds, Rubies or blue Sapphires, the model is a hit with international celebrities. Kate Moss even won one to call her own. Created especially to be used by the top model in the Amfar 2016 gala, the piece carries emeralds of rare color, A re-reading of the Hook, the Whip Earrings hug the earlobe and was named for the notion of flexibility movement it carries. With its diamonds set in gradient, from the largest to the smallest, it was born to emphasize the inverted diamond technique, Ara’s signature.

If the idea is something younger and rock’n’roll, the Bone Earring, with its bone shape (in amazonite or set with diamonds), or the piercing line are the right choices.

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