Inverted Diamonds Bracelet

Jewellery with bold language that escapes all market trends. Unique pieces, handmade, designed with symmetry, anatomical fit and unexpected shapes. Ara Vartanian deciphers the codes and the ancient language of each stone. “My creative process is driven by a constant search for originality and audacity. My imagination oscillates between creative freedom and the expectation of the outcome.”

A pioneer in exploring the technique surrounding the inverted diamond, Ara Vartanian had this creative revelation whilst observing stones. Thanks to his family ties with fine jewellery, his understanding of the value of raw material, he recognised that there was intrinsic value across the full surface of the diamond. Thus, creating without any attachment to conventional practises.

The Tennis Bracelet, for example, is among the pieces that highlight the most this distinctive & innovative feature. Diamonds are positioned in degrade with the higher carat coming from the centre stone. The piece comes in a selection of diamond options: Black, Brown or Smokey Grey.

Thanks to its innovative characteristics, a few international celebrities have already chosen to wear the piece:

Annabelle Wallis – wore the inverted black diamonds version to the premiere of “Grimsby” in London.

Dakota Johnson – chose the Smoky Grey diamonds bracelet for her interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to promote “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Selena Gomez – also chose the inverted black diamonds bracelet to wear on the red carpet of the 2015 MTV Music Awards.

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